Friday, February 3, 2012

Protests in Easter Island

The notice that my article is based is this:
Near fifty people were protesting in Easter Island against the Shiess family, “owner” of the Hanga Roa Hotel. The territory where now stands that hotel, really belongs to the Hito family, one of the ancestral families of Rapa Nui. Due to the negative responses of the authorities of the government, people choose to take the matter into their own hands and went to the streets claiming about their legitimate territorial rights.
    Hito family announced that they will be protesting every day, if their demands were not responded.
    The issue with the territorial demands of the rapanui is very ancient, and began in late 1700’s with the arrive of dutch, Spanish and English sailors. They bring concepts as private propriety to the islanders, who had a collective regime of distribution of the land.
    With the rise of the Chilean republic in mid to late 1800’s, the deals between Spanish monarchy and the rapanui were broken and they bring European settlers to “colonize” the island. This people began to deal with the islanders about the propriety of the island, and made contracts about that matter. But the islanders thought the contract was collective, and that’s the mayor problem with this issue.
    My position in this matter is clear: the islanders were cheated by the settlers, for that reasons the contracts are invalid and the land belongs to the islanders. Simple.

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